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My Own Froggy Stuff ;)

Hi! So recently, I found this video site called YouTube! Just kidding. I found a great channel called MyFroggyStuff! This lady is SO creative! She has TONS of craft tutorials on how to make stuff for your 18 inch doll (like American Girl) or 12 inch doll (like Barbies) and doll sizes in between. 
So far I've made a few of her crafts! 

An ice cream sundae!

Plates and napkins!

Carrots, celery, and 'ranch'. :D

A Duct Tape Backpack

Marie-Grace with the sundae.


This is the iPad I got from agtriviamaster.

Table I made with My Froggy.

The paper doll I got from agtriviamaster.

Nikki loves playing with them.

Here is a scarf I made for my dolls a long time go.

Which one do you like better?

This is a sign I made. :D

I love this photo.

Also, the winner of
Round 2 in the photo contest is.....Priya! You won by default because no one else entered this round.

I really hope someone enters Round 3. Please, enter for me (or my dolls)! ;) 
The deadline is July 10th. That gives you 4 weeks. The theme is...4th of July! Good luck!

Thanks for reading.


  1. I love MyFroggyStuff too! :D That's an awesome sign, and I like the rainbow scarf too. Thanks so much, I'll get to taking my picture soon!

  2. All your crafts are so cute!

  3. Can I enter Round 3 of your contest?

  4. Or did I have to enter the rounds before to enter Round 3?

    1. You can enter Round 3. :D That would make my day.